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Course & Instructor Feedback


JJ Ellis is proud to have received excellent feedback, some examples of this are:

“He was able to relate to a number of personal experiences which was beneficial to our learning”

“Very friendly and helpful”

“Clear, knowledgeable, honest”

“Very engaging, nice to hear relevant experience. Friendly and passionate”

‘Welcoming and non-judgmental. Explained all questions/concerns effectively”

“Explained clearly signs of mental health issues and ways of support”

“Articulate and positive”

“Good to have some one who has experience in what they are training”

“I think the way he delivered the course was very good”

“I felt the course was very informative and presented in a great way broken up by videos and group interaction. I would highly recommend anyone to go through the MHFA Training”

“Great to have a passionate instructor, who explained everything clearly and I believe inspired the group”

“1st Class”

“delivered the content very well and at a pace so the information could be taken in.”

“….. is amazing, active and although it is a lot of info it’s been clear and well structured. Thank you!!”

“Confident, knowledgeable, approachable”

“Very engaging and Knowledgeable, kept my interest in some very difficult subjects”

“He was hugely knowledgeable and had a great style”

“Excellent, knowledgeable, easy to listen to, passionate”

“clearly passionate about his subject and had a good knowledge of support networks”

“… very enthusiastic, loved his style and volume of knowledge”

“… a great instructor!! Overall very inspirational”

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